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The mission of Bastien Academy is to help every student reach his or her potential by fostering academic and personal growth.


Classes starting on Monday 01/23/2017 will be held @
 Location: 44 East Avenue Extension
        Pawtucket, RI 02860
        Unit 207


Bastien Academy is committed to the progress of the individual students and is
devoted to giving them the best CNA training possible. Our high standards and
quality training stand out among our peers, as do our graduation ceremonies.

We offer a basic  1 day class or 5-week training course with the opportunity for further
training. We cater to students' learning speeds and levels, so that they are
trained properly from the beginning, and ready to enter the workforce after all
of the requirements have been completed. Students often develop relationships
with other students, and many maintain those ties well after graduation.

Students at Bastien Academy are always satisfied with the instructors (RNs) and
the teaching methods used throughout the courses. In addition to the
curriculum, we also try to build students' self-confidence. We encourage
students to speak out during class discussions and to express themselves.
We also include nutrition and physical fitness into our courses: Nurses and
caregivers are supposed to be both mentally and physically fit to properly care
for their patients.

When students have completed training, they must pass state-required exams
in order to become a licensed Nurse Aide. We offer a review one week before the
exams are given to make sure students are prepared for the written exam,
and have mastered the skill.

Exciting News:

Bastien Academy has partnered  up with Charter Care Health Partners, what that means is students are now able to undergo and internship after successfully completing the pharmacy technician program.
Call right now to register or register online, seats are filling up quickly.

Next Class January 23rd 2017
Please Report to this location
        Location: 44 East Avenue Extension
        Pawtucket, RI 02860
        Unit 207


Qualifications needed to enroll in our nurse aide training:
A. Must be able to read, speak & understand English
B. Must be able to do basic math (addition & subtraction)
C. A Social Security number is required for the State Exam
D. A Diploma/GED is not required to train with us or work as a CNA
 in most
E. No prerequisites needed like other nursing programs
F. Must have the ability to attend all scheduled training dates
G. Must be willing to obtain a limited criminal history check from
your local authority
before you start your clinical training. Visit your local Attorney
General's Office.

Contact Phone: 401-369-9174 

This school is licensed by the Massachusetts Office of Private Occupational School Education, Division of Professional Licensure.

Our Nursing Assistant program and instructors are also approved by the Massachusetts Department of Health.

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